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KC-126A — KC-150B

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KG-126A: Mani/Eruch/Don, Meherazad, India, 2-23-80; 44:50
Mani S. Irani, Eruch Jessawala, Don Stevens
Keys: Mani reminisces: America, telephones, the accident, London

KG-126B: Mani/Eruch, Meherazad, India, 2-16-80; 44:47
Mani S. Irani, Eruch Jessawala
Keys: Baba’s temper, the Gong story, blissful agony

KG-127A: Mani/Eruch/Don, Meherazad, India, 2-23-80; 44:48
Mani S. Irani, Eruch Jessawala, Don Stevens
Keys: Exercise My infinite compassion, Baba photos, Siddhis, Effacement

KG-127B: Mani/Eruch/Don, Meherazad, India, 2-16-80; 44:46
Mani S. Irani, Eruch Jessawala, Don Stevens
Keys: Surrender & Effacement, Baba talking people into less alcohol

KG-128A: Mani/Eruch, Meherazad, India, 2-23-80; 44:21
Mani S. Irani, Eruch Jessawala, Don Stevens
Keys: Martha & Mary, Lord doesn’t want to be left alone, Khizr

KG-128B: Eruch, Meherazad, India, 3-2-80; 44:39
Eruch Jessawala
Keys: Spirit resides where?, Religions, God Speaks, Avatar & Illusion

KG-129A: Eruch, Meherazad, India, 3-2-80; 44:29
Eruch Jessawala
Keys: How pilgrim came to Baba, Become his slave, Attention

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KG-129B: Eruch, Meherazad, India,3-2-80; 44:28
Eruch Jessawala
Keys: Radiance, Kabir, austerities

KG-130A: Eruch, Meherazad, India, 3-2-80; 44:27
Eruch Jessawala

KG-130B: Eruch, Meherazad, India, 3-2-80; 44:28
Eruch Jessawala

KG-131A: Eruch/Mani, Meherazad, India, 3-8-80; 44:26
Eruch Jessawala, Mani S. Irani
Keys: Going to extremes, Avatar always male, meditation, life & death

KG-131B: Eruch/Mani, Meherazad, India, 3-8-80; 44:29
Eruch Jessawala, Mani S. Irani
Keys: Worry, Guruprasad Great Darshan, Forgive & forget

KG-132A: Eruch, Meherazad, India, 3-9-80; 44:28
Eruch Jessawala
Keys: Drugs, Baba wanted spontaneity, Baba is not his body, Lion of God


KG-132B: Eruch, Meherazad, India, 3-9-80; 44:28
Eruch Jessawala

KG-133A: Eruch, Meherazad, India, 3-9-80; 44:42
Eruch Jessawala
Keys: Krishna & Pandavas & Kauravas, Eruch lies, Swami story

KG-133B: Eruch, Meherazad, India, 3-13-80; 44:42
Eruch Jessawala
Keys: Longing for God, Helplessness, Mt. Abu, an early-days visitor

KG-134A: Mani, Meherazad, India, 3-17-80; 44:25
Mani S. Irani
Keys: Women mandali segregation, Nuns, plays sitar & sings, Delhi group

KG-134B: Mani/Francis, Meherazad, India, 3-17-80; 44:30
Mani S. Irani/Francis Brabazon
Keys: Mary Bennett story, Baba and qawwalis

KG-135A: Eruch, Meherazad, India, 9-7-80; 44:26
Eruch Jessawala
Keys: Humiliation, glorification, past incarnations, Baba’s ministry, humor

KG-135B: Eruch/Mani, Meherazad, India, 9-7-80; 44:40
Eruch Jessawala/Mani S. Irani
Keys: Baba’s presence-his bedroom, Amartithi, Baba at shrines of saints

KG-136A: Irwin, Meherazad, India, 9-7-80; 44:39
Irwin Luck
Keys: Book: The Silent Master Meher Baba”

KG-136B: Irwin/Dorothy, Peter, M’zad, India, 9-7-80; 44:40
Eruch Jessawala/Mani S. Irani
Keys: Eruch goes through Irwin’s book, Earthquake at Meherazad

KG-137A: Eruch, Meherazad, India, 9-11-80; 44:43
Eruch Jessawala
Keys: Phyllis Ott, Baba spoiled children, firm with adults, Baba’s blessings

KG-137B: Eruch/Stella, Meherazad, India, 9-11-80; 44:43
Eruch Jessawala/Stella Hernandez
Keys: Pays kids to read Baba books, Dervish story


KG-138A: Eruch, Meherazad, India, 9-13-14-80; 44:45
Eruch Jessawala
Keys: Glimpse your weaknesses, Prior advent mandali dissatisfied

KG-138B: Eruch/Mary/Robert, M’zad, India, 9-13-80; 44:45
Eruch Jessawala/Mary Lloyd Dugan, Robert Dreyfus/Mani S. Irani
Keys: No benefit to mandali, Life of Rabia

KG-139A: Mani/Eruch, Meherazad, India, 9-13-18-80; 44:44
Eruch Jessawala/Mani S. Irani
Keys: On Theology, My Wish, Telling a child about marriage, Babajan

KG-139B: Eruch/Alan, Meherazad, India, 9-14-80; 44:49
Eruch Jessawala/Alan Talbot
Keys: New Life days, Bal Natu, Upasni Maharaj stories

KG-140A: Eruch/Alan, Meherazad, India, 9-18-14-80; 44:40
Eruch Jessawala/Alan Talbot
Keys: Kharmanmasi stories, the Man of God, Sai Baba, Bullah Shah story

KG-140B: Eruch, Meherazad, India, 9-18-80; 44:45
Eruch Jessawala
Keys: Bullah Shah conclusion, Ann Conlon & fooling the mandali

KG-141A: Eruch/Kumar/Irwin, M’zad, India, 9-18-80; 44:40
Eruch Jessawala/Shtrughna Ghildial (Kumar)/Irwin Luck
Keys: Lovers cage me, Darshan/Sahavas, Compassion, Doing nothing

KG-141B: Eruch, Meherazad, India, 9-18-25-80; 44:44
Eruch Jessawala
Keys: Gift of love, Great Ones placate the mind, Love leads to threshold

KG-142A: Eruch/Mani, Meherazad, India, 9-25-27-80; 44:41
Eruch Jessawala/Mani S. Irani
Keys: Universal work, His presence, Puppet shows, Elizabeth

KG-142B: Eruch/Mani/Jacko/Janet, M’zad, 9-25-80; 37:48
Eruch Jessawala/Mani S. Irani/Jacko Caracao/Janet Luck
Keys: If he sends us away, Agostinis & Khilnanis, Mendocino, New Jersey

KG-143A: Eruch, Meherazad, India, 10-2-80; 43:33
Eruch Jessawala
Keys: Bahlul baldness story, Kabir, Eruch tries to leave, Elcha

KG-143B: Eruch, Meherazad, India, 10-2-80; 43:43
Eruch Jessawala
Keys: Eruch’s 1952 revolt, Traveling with Baba, Came to believe in Baba

KG-144A: Eruch, Meherazad, India, 11-8 to15-80; 43:33
Eruch Jessawala
Keys: Assumed status, Ram Gopal almost falls on Baba, Ann Conlon story

KG-144B: Eruch/Mani/Bruce, Meherazad, 10-8 to 15-80; 44:46
Eruch Jessawala/Mani S. Irani, Bruce Felknor
Keys: Ideal boy, Bruce Felknor comes to Baba, Mani: Life as a child

KG-145A: Mani/Bruce, Meherazad, India, 11-15-80; 43:43
Mani S. Irani, Bruce Felknor
Keys: More Mani family stories, More of Bruce’s story, Power of love

KG-145B: Eruch, Meherazad, India,11-15 to 20-80; 44:44
Eruch Jessawala
Keys: More power of love, What is NOT God, Caravan to Mecca

KG-146A: Eruch, Meherazad, India, 11-20-80; 44:44
Eruch Jessawala
Keys: Shivananda and Shuddanand Bharati

KG-146B: Eruch, Meherazad, India, 11-20-80; 44:43
Eruch Jessawala
Keys: Aurobindo, Gandhi’s future, Smoking, Krait, Lick shit, Obedience


KG-147A: Eruch/Mani, Meherazad, India, 11-20 to 22-80; 44:51
Eruch Jessawala, Mani S. Irani
Keys: How Eruch decides, Abraham’s sacrifice, Mani’s dream, Sheriarji

KG-147B: Mani, Meherazad, India, 11-22-80; 44:46
Mani S. Irani
Keys: Stories of seeing Baba from around the world

KG-148A: Eruch, Meherazad, India, 11-23-80; 44:44
Eruch Jessawala
Keys: Bathing Baba, Donkin survives, Mahabaleshwar, the Last Day

KG-148B: Eruch, Meherazad, India, 11-23-80; 44:46
Eruch Jessawala
Keys: Ram Ginde & the Last Day

KG-149A: Eruch, Meherazad, India,11-29-80; 44:39
Eruch Jessawala
Keys: Eruch reads his letter criticizing Sufis & McKai, Baba’s Last Warning

KG-149B: Eruch, Meherazad, India, 11-29-80; 44:46
Eruch Jessawala
Keys: Mani’s childhood, Peter the dog, entertaining Baba, Saints

KG-150A: Eruch, Meherazad, India, 11-29-80; 44:44
Eruch Jessawala
Keys: Why not go to Saints, Baba bows to saints, Eruch avoids IDing Baba

KG-150B: Eruch, Meherazad, India, 1-22-81; 44:46
Eruch Jessawala
Keys: Questions from Baba stall in Bombay: Who is God>