Baba then remarked, "Let us have music. Indian music is all about love. Some of you may not like it, but I will explain. I never question about God. I put questions to you about your health and food, but never about God for I know I am God."

Francis said, "I have a million questions, Baba." Baba smiled.

After the first record, Baba stated, "This is a wonderful state of love. The lover is not concerned with the planes and the different states of consciousness. He is only concerned with God and how to love God. He arrives at a stage when this love fills his world and the pangs of separation are so  

unbearable that he says,'I now want to forget You; but the more I try, the more I remember You.' " This torture is unbearable."

Baba proceeded to translate the words sung on different records:

O my Beloved God, only he is fortunate and big-hearted who cannot avoid shedding tears in his love.

O you who are training to be lovers of God, beware; you will be shown innumerable supernatural sights of different kinds; beware, only love God and do not be ensnared by these visions and powers.

O you who love to talk of love, do you know the difficulties

and hardships facing you? The Master tests you at every step on the path of love.

Baba asked the men to say whether they liked the music. Nearly everyone said he liked it and was much moved by the music.

Charles Purdom was alone in saying he was disinterested in it.

"The majority has it," stated Baba.

"Do not talk to me about music," Baba commented. "The first Song I sang has brought the burden of all this universe upon me.

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