Even in that state, Baba began plans for a long fast. Goher pleaded with him to drop the idea. She started weeping and so did Pukar. Baba observed, "No doubt, my health is ruined, but if you people remain happy, it will be a help in my work. Let me see you in a cheerful mood, laughing and smiling to help me in my work. My work is hampered more by your weeping.

Baba began fasting on liquids from Friday, 17 October, and to please Goher and the women and men mandali, he would eat a little food once in 24 hours just to show he was ingesting something. The first day, Goher came to Baba in mandali hall with a cup of tea and a banana and then left for some work. 

Peeling off the skin, Baba put a little of the fruit in his mouth and gave the rest to Kumar and Pukar. Kumar joked, "Goher will have to be told not to leave the hall unless Baba has finished eating." When Baba was sipping his tea, Goher reappeared. So Baba gave the rest of the tea to her. Such was the way he would take "nourishment" during the 21 days of his fast.