According to Baba's order, Bhau Kalchuri came to Dehra Dun to stay with him permanently on Wednesday, 8 July 1953. Baba explained to him, "The first order I am giving you is to visit the rooms of the mandali every night and say loudly, 'You fools! Keep silence after nine o'clock!' " Baba added, "This is only the beginning for you."

Bhau was a newcomer, the youngest of the mandali at 27, and some of the older members had been with Baba since the 1920s. Soon after sunset, Bhau became very nervous (and twice had to go to the toilet!). At last it was 9:00 P.M. and he started out on his "sadhana." He went to every room and, hesitatingly, did as Baba ordered. Nothing happened by his repeating the statement.

All the men thought it was a joke and enjoyed it, though they did not know it was Baba's order. 

But when he came to Kaikobad's room, Bhau saw that Kaikobad was silently praying. Four days after Bhau's arrival in Dehra Dun, this mast of Najibabad (whom Baba had contacted in March) walked more than 62 miles to Dehra Dun. Seeing him on the road, Elcha informed Baba. He was about a mile away, and Baba sent a car to bring him. When he was brought, Baba ordered Bhau, "Serve this mast.

Bhau opened the door and shouted, "You fool! Keep silence after nine o'clock!" Kaikobad turned to Bhau with a mingled look of surprise and anger, but his duty being over, Bhau hurriedly slipped away. The next day Kaikobad told Vishnu, "This Bhau is an absolutely rude chap. Last night when I was praying in my room, he quietly opened my door, came in and said, 'You fool! Keep silence after nine o'clock!' I was, of course, already silent."

"He said the same thing to me," said Vishnu. "He is new and we should forget about it."

"He has a master's degree," Kaikobad continued, "but still is quite a fool. And he has no manners!"

The second night also Bhau repeated Baba's order, again disturbing Kaikobad in his prayer. What could Bhau do? It was his act of "prayer," and he had to do it. Kaikobad, though, again complained to Baba, who withdrew the order. Meanwhile, Bhau was assigned the duties of handling Hindi correspondence, nightwatch (for a few days), looking after Isa (the troublesome sweeper's son) and most importantly — attending to Nanga Mast.