In the morning the four Australians (Francis, John, Bill and Robert), Baba and the four mandali took a flight to Sydney and then taxied to Meher House (the Le Page residence), where they settled in for the day.

On arrival, there was a "mini-crisis" when Bill couldn't find the keys to the house. In order not to keep Baba waiting, he climbed in through a window to allow Baba in. 

As the others were busy with luggage, Bill found himself alone in the house with Baba. Feeling awkward, Bill invited Baba to sit on a bed whilst he hunted for the keys. Baba meekly obeyed, but soon reseated himself on the cane chair and watched Bill with amusement. Bill became increasingly nervous and said 'perhaps the keys fell under the floor.' " Baba gestured for Bill to look under the floor. (There was a trapdoor that opened up to the dirt floor below.) 

Bill at this time had an intense fear of snakes, which were common then in the bushy surrounds of the house. They often made their nests under houses. Bill nevertheless tried to open the trapdoor with a screwdriver. As soon as Bill began, Baba clapped for Bill to stop, and from that moment onwards, Bill never again experienced a fear of snakes.