Bili Eaton had hidden behind some nearby shrubbery near the divan and was peeping at Baba through the leaves. She could see him all the time and thought she was so well hidden that no one could see her.

She related:
Every time Baba greeted someone, he seemed to open the floodgates of his love. Every time somebody new came in,


there would be this wave of love and I would get some of the residue. More and more people came in, and I was getting kind of "drunk." Finally, Baba caught me; all of a sudden, his eyes flashed, he pointed his fingers directly at me and gestured to Eruch. Eruch came to get me, but Baba did not seem angry. He let me stay with him for a little while and then dismissed me. I could see then why Baba did not let most of us, except the mandali, be with him for more than

a certain length of time. He would be with a person as long as he thought he could take it and then Baba would push the person away. I don't think that any of us could have stood Baba's presence for very long; it is like being too close to a power station. The mandali had to be trained by him to live with him as they did, because you can only take so much of this high tension.