Ann Conlon had first heard of Baba in 1956 from Ginny Gloor and her sister Liz Sacalis, who worked for the same newspaper Ann did in upstate New York. They had met Baba with Henry Kashouty two weeks before at the Delmonico Hotel in New York City. When they told Ann that Meher Baba was the Christ, her reaction was: "Everything inside me just turned over. I accepted him immediately. It just had to be right. He could not be anybody else."

Despite that experience, Ann Conlon did not travel to see Baba in Myrtle Beach in May 1958, because she felt she did not fulfill the prerequisites of complete love and obedience to Baba meant for those invited to the sahavas. However, on the last night Baba was in Myrtle Beach, Ann,

sleeping at home 800 miles away, suddenly woke up at 4:00 A.M. and was frightened by an apparition. She saw Baba standing at the foot of her bed.Baba was wearing a blue coat and looked as he did in earlier years. He had one hand on his hip, the other on her bedpost and was smiling as he looked at her.

But as soon as she sat up and put her feet on the floor, she knew she was awake and Baba's divine image disappeared. Liz and Ginny had gone to see Baba, and when they returned, Ann narrated her experience.

Shortly afterwards, Liz drove Ann to the Center in Myrtle Beach, where she met Elizabeth and Kitty and was drawn

closer into Baba's "love-orbit."

While at Meher Center, one day in the Lagoon Cabin, though Baba was by then in India, Ann suddenly felt a wave of love come from Baba go through her and return to him in a circle. There was then no question of who loved and who was loved. For the first time Ann could truly say she loved Baba — but only because he had first given her the gift of his love, which she was returning to him.

In the ensuing years, though correspondence with India was mostly banned, Kitty and Beryl Williams were allowed to write to Mani and Mehera, and would always add in their letters how much Ann Conlon wanted to meet Baba.