On 17 January 1963, Adi was sent to Bombay to drive back the DeSoto, which was being painted and repaired. He picked up Adele Wolkin there, and after spending the night in Poona at the Napier Hotel with Kari and Joseph Harb, Adele was brought to Meherazad at 9:40 A.M. on the 19th. After being given tea, she met Baba.

Baba had allowed Adele to stay in India after the East-West Gathering, and for the past three months, as mentioned, Adele had been working as a nurse in a hospital in Bombay. She wished to continue her stay, but during this meeting, Baba decided she should return to America. 

Baba assured Adele, "You will serve my purpose best by working there." He permitted her to visit Meherazad once every year.

Adele readily accepted Baba's decision, saying that she would go back happily, if that was Baba's wish. Baba was touched by her willing obedience and expressed his love for her. He complimented her, "I am pleased and proud of you. To me, it is the same whether you are in America or in India, as I am with you always wherever you are. I know that you love me above everything, but remember, Adele, I love you far more than you can ever love me. I am also in the poor. I am the poorest of the poor."

Adele had lunch at Meherazad and then caught the 3:30 P.M. train back to Bombay. She sailed from India on 27 January, and Baba told her to send a telegram when she arrived home.

Before Adele left Bombay, Baba sent this telegram: "Take me with you and share my love with all who can receive it. My love to you."

Adele cabled in reply: "Beloved Baba, I live to obey you."