At 3:30 P.M., arti was sung and the gathering departed. Was Deo Kain had been present at Guruprasad for several days. About his time spent in the Beloved's company, he once related:

However worried one might be, however ruffled the mind might be, when we went to Baba we found a peace permeating the entire atmosphere. 

And when Baba said, "Don't worry, be happy," it seemed that he had taken away all the worries from us and in their place instilled confidence, happiness and contentment. In this world of materialism, what we need most is peace of mind. And this is what we got when we approached Baba. Nowhere else could we find that source of real happiness, of real peace, of real bliss.

What surprised us the most at times was the wonderful memory Baba had about the names of our different relations, of various incidents in our life. He would talk to us about them and inquire about their health and happiness. Not only ours, but of so many other people who came in his contact.