Ivy, Charmian and Francis met Baba again on the morning of 11 May at 8:45 A.M., and they, too, liked the name Sufism Reoriented.

Baba informed them: You are instruments for my work, until you get Light. Then you will know what to do automatically. The name Sufism Reoriented should be the same everywhere, but for the present, I personally think it should be separate, and once it

is run as I want, then I will see to incorporating all the different branches in different countries in one. All these points must be noted down; make them precise and practical so that they may be published. All of it should be collected so I can go through it, correct it and have it published before I leave in July.

Speaking about the practice of Murshids wearing robes, Baba commented:

"No robes are required until you become real Murshids. Then you can put on robes. The very basis of Sufism is a woolen garment, because it absorbs the dark sanskaras of others.

When you have Light and you wear the robe, the wool will absorb sanskaras. Muhammad wore one; Krishna too; and now Baba wears a woolen garment."