The next day when Sarosh arrived, Baba called him. Although he was reluctant, he came near the hut. On seeing Baba, a wondrous change swept over Sarosh and he bowed at the Master's feet, repenting for his antagonistic thoughts. 

Baba rubbed his head and patted his back, while Sarosh told him about his recent troubles and his doubts about him as a guru. Baba then remarked, 

"If you do as I say, I will make you a king!" Sarosh was taken aback.

Baba instructed Sarosh to study in Poona to be an electrician. Baba himself later arranged his admission to the school, and even his boarding and lodging at Khodu's home with Sarosh's cousin Adi, who was also studying in Poona. Sarosh informed his parents, but left out Meher Baba's part in it.

 Although his father was pleased with this news, he would have protested if he had known of his son's involvement with Baba. After returning to Poona, Sarosh would visit Baba at the hut or Sadashiv Patil's home and was profoundly affected by the Master's loving kindness and concern.

From that time on, Sarosh became one of Baba's close circle members.