On 3 November 1968, Allan Cohen, Rick Chapman and Robert Dreyfuss were written by Eruch that Baba wished them to convey a message from him to about 20 of his chief young lover-workers in America and England who had taken the responsibility of starting projects in Baba's name. The letter from Eruch read: Here is an important task but a pleasant one which beloved Baba has set for you. Baba

wishes you to convey his message as given hereunder to all his chief young lover-workers in the U.S.A. and England — those who have taken the responsibility of starting Baba projects and have inspired others to rally around them — you are to send the following message from their Beloved Avatar Meher Baba:

"You are dear to me and I am pleased with the way you have come forward in my name and work. The time is here and soon the world will know that I am the ancient one." Of course the message applies equally to you three. I will appreciate it if you will please send me a typed copy of the names and addresses of these fortunate young lover-workers of Baba.