Draped around the door, she sang out in dramatic fashion, "R-u-a-n-o! BABAwants you." Ruano hurriedly scampered from the room, leaving Rano and Nonny to look at each other. They did not care for Vivienne's theatrical behavior and Rano wondered to herself: "What have we gotten into?" She had never seen Ruano heed anyone's beck-and-call, and the whole scene struck her as somewhat strange.

When Ruano returned, she happily informed them, "Baba wishes that you both stay in Hygeia House with all of us, starting tomorrow." They returned to their hotel and both thought of nothing but Baba throughout one of the longest nights of their lives. 

They went the next day to Hygeia House and began staying near Baba. Their fates were sealed.

Baba was very loving to Nonny, but for his own reason he kept Rano at a distance. Although Baba was outwardly keeping her away, she was inwardly being drawn to him. On various occasions, Baba would go to a movie with all except Rano, or he would have her travel separately if she did accompany them, allowing her only to see him from a distance. Between the lover and the Beloved, the pleasure of the play is only experienced through joy and sorrow — this coming from the Beloved's playful nature.

Rano was destined to belong to Baba and join his circle. Others would keep their distance from Baba at such treatment, but the Beloved Master is coquettish with only those whom he knows have an inner connection with him and whom he wants to keep near him.

Nonny and Rano Gayley became permanent blossoms in the Beloved's garden, as did Ruano, Delia, Elizabeth, Kitty, Margaret, Norina, Nadine and Hedi Mertens.