On Sunday, 3 February 1957, Pendu was brought to Poona by ambulance, accompanied by Sidhu and Aloba.

He was taken to Silver Oaks to see Baba, and when Pendu saw a few close lovers from Bombay and Poona who were visiting, he was overcome and wept. Baba came out in his wheelchair to see Pendu; he joked and chatted with him and thereby gave him courage. 

"We will both be up and walking together," Baba assured him.

"But you suffer it all in silence," Pendu commented.

Baba replied, "You will be all right and walk again, but I will not be able to walk normally again ever. My hip joint, too, will never be normal."

After having a checkup at the military hospital, Pendu was driven to Ahmednagar, where he stayed with the Satha family at Akbar Press to recuperate. The plaster casts were removed from both legs, but Pendu, too, could not yet stand. Aloba was appointed to look after him, and treatment was arranged. A month later, Pendu was sent to Meherabad, as was Vishnu. Thus the stay in Satara came to an end. Baba would never return there.