Naja, with Mehera's help, cooked the meals in Bombay. (Khorshed was staying with her parents at Irani Mansion.) As they cooked, Gustadji occasionally went to the kitchen and expounded on the ways of the Master. Once, while Gustadji was relating an amusing anecdote, Naja laughed loudly. Baba overheard her and angrily ordered Masaji to take his daughter back to Poona. They left immediately for the train station.

After a short while, Baba ordered Mehera, too, to leave the house, and told Daulatmai to go upstairs to her room. Mehera was wearing an ordinary household sari and did not know where she was supposed to go; she also had orders not to let any man touch her, and on the sidewalk some pedestrians were jostling past each other on the street. 

However, Mehera left and began slowly walking along, not knowing where she was headed. In a short time, Baba came walking toward her with Gustadji.

He walked past her to Burjor Dahiwala's house next to Manzil-e-Meem, and Mehera followed them. Baba then instructed Gustadji to take Mehera back to their residence.

Meanwhile, Naja and Masaji had missed the train to Poona and went to Dahiwala's home also, where Baba encountered them. Embracing Naja, who was in tears, Baba explained to her that she was not to blame, that he was upset due to another reason. (Naja related that Baba also had tears in his eyes.)

Baba led Naja and Masaji back to Bharucha Building, where he explained, "Why did I get upset with Naja? Because of my work, at that moment, it was absolutely necessary that you all not remain in the house. For this reason, I pretended to be upset and ordered all to leave."

Turning to Naja, he reassured her that she was not to blame and shouldn't worry about disturbing him.

The next day, Baba told Mehera, Naja and Daulatmai, "You should never leave me — even if I force you away. You should always hold on to me."