In her early twenties, Mehroo Billimoria worked at a community kitchen run by the Dadar Welfare Center in Bombay.  Her supervisors were all female Baba lovers.  In 1942, she was persuaded by Dina Talati to accompany a few of them for a one-day darshan in Ahmednagar. Although Mehroo agreed to go, she was highly skeptical and suspicious of saints and masters.  On this visit, she was introduced to Meher Baba by Dr. Aloo at lower Meherabad.  

At this meeting, “in a split second” she saw God in human form and was convinced that Meher Baba is Zoroaster.   Over the years, Mehroo was able to visit Baba on many occasions for gatherings in Pune, Bombay, and Ahmednagar.   Eventually, she moved from Bombay to Meherabad, where she worked at the Pilgrim Center in the 1980s.  Here, she was a warm and intimate friend to many pilgrims visiting Baba’s home.