On another occasion, Baba noticed a magician strolling by their house and, just for fun, called him inside to demonstrate his magic. The magician said he wanted a boy, and Meherwan stepped forward.

The magician very softly whispered in his ears, "Now when I clap, stop speaking, and when I clap again, talk!" He then announced to all: "I will now use my magic on this child whereby his tongue will be rendered useless."

Mumbling some incantation, the magician waved his wand over Meherwan, clapped and said to the audience, "Now if you wish to ask him anything, ask, but he won't be able to answer."

Everyone questioned Meherwan, but he kept quiet.

Baba too asked him something; still he did not reply.

The magician clapped, and Meherwan began speaking. When the show was over and the man had left, Baba asked Meherwan, "Why couldn't you speak?" Meherwan said, "The magician told me not to speak!"

All had a good laugh at his disclosure, but Baba insisted, "No, no, he hypnotized you and prevented you from talking!" Meherwan persisted, "No, Baba, really, he told me not to speak!"