Margaret later wrote to Chanji:

Once having met Baba, it seems that the whole of one's life had been leading up to that minute and that even up to that minute he had been guiding us to go through fogs, clouds and storms safely so that we could meet him. That first meeting with him caused time to stop. It was just as if nothing else had ever happened and nothing else would ever happen.

What wonders the Master's glance could perform! This highly respected dance teacher was from that moment drawn to her Beloved and remained at his feet forever.

Kitty's room had been prepared for Baba's use, and within minutes of settling in the Davys' house, Baba took off the uncomfortable English attire he had worn while traveling to London and donned his usual white sadra. Baba and his companions were served a lunch of rice, vegetables and fruit. 

Baba called Kitty and Margaret up to his room and gave each a grape, explaining to them the significance of his prasad. He looked tenderly at Margaret and said, "It was your love that brought me here [to England]."

He told Margaret she must come to Devonshire, that she was "of his circle." Margaret, at first, protested that she had a dance school to run, but Baba insisted.