One day at Ivy's, Baba called Leatrice and Renae Shaw into his room and asked them to make a fruit salad for him. "Make it soft," he instructed. "Because of the accident, I cannot chew things." They went into the kitchen and were so happy to have the chance to serve Baba, their tears fell into the salad as they mashed it up — making it a salty fruit salad!

Another time, Baba was sitting in a chair, with Darwin, Jeanne and their three children sitting on the floor in a circle by his feet. Leatrice recalled: "We spent what seemed to be timeless time having communion of Baba's love.

 It was a wonderful moment in eternity. It was a completely wonderful moment of freely loving Baba completely and openly. Baba broke the moment saying, 'This is my food,' and then, 'Darwin is a jewel.' " It was a heavenly moment."

After meeting Baba in Myrtle Beach, Leatrice had a dream in which Baba came to her and asked, "How is it upstairs?" meaning what was she thinking.

Having a sense of happiness by mentally convincing herself to that effect, she felt life was going well and she related this to Baba.

 In the dream, Baba lovingly responded, "That is not what you should have told me. You should have said, 'I am not happy unless I live only for you.' " She was so startled, she woke up and wrote this down.

Four years later in California in 1956, after tea with Baba, the Shaw family was again sitting around him, content just to sit in silence.

After some time passed, Leatrice observed to herself that no one was talking. Baba stated, "We do not need to talk."