Krishna Nair had also joined Baba when he was a boy in Bangalore in 1939, and stayed with him subsequently.

But in 1947, he had been sent back to his home in South India. Before going on the New Life, Baba had instructed Krishna to go on a pilgrimage all over India.

After this pilgrimage, and since Baba had not called him to join the New Life, Krishna had joined the police force.

Dr. Ghani once asked Baba what happened between him and Krishna: "Previously Krishna was a frequent visitor," Ghani observed. "Now we do not see him for months."

Baba replied, "Krishna was on the straight lane, but he turned. Now he has gone to the side. He is stuck there."

"Who changed his lane, Baba?" Ghani inquired. "Don't ask," Baba replied.

Meanwhile, during this period, Krishna got the opportunity to visit Hyderabad to deliver a parcel on behalf of his superior on the police force. He knew that Baba was in Hyderabad from one of Adi's circulars mailed to him, so he attended the meeting.

When he met with Krishna, Baba inquired as to what he was doing. Then Baba asked, "Are you willing to come and stay with me again?" Krishna said he would. Baba then declared, "He has come again in the lane!" Quitting his job, Krishna rejoined Baba.