Among those from Miami, were Ralph and Stella Hernandez. Ralph, 37, had found out about Baba from Dana Field, who had moved to Florida soon after returning from India in 1954. Earlier that morning, Ralph had seen Baba briefly, as Baba crossed the bridge. Their eyes had met, and something had happened to Ralph deep inside. He became "choked up" and could not think for about ten minutes. During his interview in the Lagoon Cabin, Baba had casual talk with various ones. Ralph was anxious to relate his recent experience, but every time he started someone else spoke up.

Finally, Baba stopped the person and looked over at Ralph. "Did you want to say something?" he questioned. Ralph said, "Yes, Baba. When I saw you by the boathouse you took my breath away."

Baba responded, "I take away very little and I give the infinite Ocean of Love!"