The 1969 Darshan (also known as The Last Darshan and The Great Darshan) was a darshan (Sanskrit for 'instance of seeing or beholding') where many followers of Meher Baba from around the world, many of whom had not met Meher Baba, came from East and West to Pune and MeherabadIndia to pay homage to him after his death on January 31, 1969.

 The programs, held in spring of that year, had been arranged by Meher Baba in advance of his death. The darshan programs took place mostly in Pune, in phases, from April to June. Thousands attended,[2][3] mostly Easterners, but included about 800 Westerners. Each group was given one day in which it got to see his samadhi (tomb) in Meherabad (150 miles from Pune). 

In Pune, Westerners attended programs in the morning and Easterners in the afternoon. The programs were held at Guruprasad, a large private home of the Maharani of Baroda, which has since been torn down.