On 24 November, Goher wrote Ginde that the pain in Baba's neck was persisting and affecting his shoulder and arm with numbness and tingling. Every fifteen days it became severe and was not responding to analgesics. Baba was wearing a new collar that Ginde had sent, but it was uncomfortable when worn for long periods. During periods of intense pain, Baba would use the old collar which was looser and low at the back. The "traction collar" was no longer needed.

Dr. Ginde wrote back to Eruch and Goher:

I got news about beloved Baba's neck pain from brother Adi, who was with us a day before I left for Delhi, and your letter confirms the same. He also said that you are much worried. I am also in the same predicament. Whatever I know from the knowledge of his cervical condition, I have tried to do in all sincerity. 

     But I must admit, as I have admitted before, my utter failure in
     regard to relieving beloved Baba's pain. I plead quite helpless
     in treating him who is as powerful as — nay, more powerful
     than — an ocean and as helpless as a kitten at one and the
     same time. I can only ask his forgiveness. 

Baba smiled with love when he heard the letter, and immediately had Eruch write him: "Tell Ram Ginde not to be worried, but to remember that he is very dear to me.