Dr. Dhanapathy Rao, Kutumba Sastri and Pukar had been staying with Baba at Ganeshkhind for a few days, and on 9 June 1957, Baba specially called Dr. Hoshang Bharucha, who had not been able to attend the 2 June meeting. Bharucha was a staunch devotee of Godavri Mai and harbored some misunderstanding about fully accepting Baba as his Master. Explaining obedience to him, Baba stated, "Obey Godavri Mai. You should also obey my instructions, but only if they do not contradict hers."

Bharucha followed Baba's advice, but gradually Baba's love enveloped him to such an extent that he became Baba's completely.

Hoshang was called to Meherazad several times in 1957. During one visit Baba commented to him, "You may think of me directly or you may think of any other guru — or even a girlfriend — yet, you are thinking of only me as I am in everyone. But this way it comes to me indirectly."

Once at Meherazad, Bharucha entered Baba's room with his shoes on. After the usual embrace he saw that the mandali had removed their shoes outside the room. Bharucha asked whether he should take off his shoes outside, but Baba replied, "I am there also [in the shoes]." And Bharucha then sat down with his shoes on.

Each time Hoshang would come, Baba would stop what he was doing and give a discourse on some spiritual subject. Once Hoshang came with a particular question in mind. As soon as he arrived in Meherazad, Baba stated, "Every time you come here I tell you something, but today you ask me a question." Thus he became aware of Baba's omniscience.

While leaving Meherazad after one visit, Hoshang thanked Baba for calling him to see him. "If you start thanking me for all that I do for you," Baba replied, "you will be doing nothing but saying 'Thank-you, thank-you' all 24 hours of the day! Instead just love me and remember me."