On Sunday, 7 August, Don Stevens arrived from America for work in Cochin, and saw Baba at Meherazad. He came in Meherjee's car with him, Meherwan Jessawala and Jehangu Sukhadwalla.

On this occasion, Don discussed with Baba the new three-volume set of the Discourses, which he and Ivy Duce had reedited from Deshmukh's old five-volume set. Baba asked Stevens if he was satisfied with the new edition. He replied that he was, but it was clear that the next step must be the translation of the Discourses into the major European languages. That would serve the young people in Europe, whom Don had encountered and who were already asking about the availability of Baba's words in their own tongues. Baba asked what languages he considered most urgent, to which Stevens replied French, Spanish and German. 

But, he added, this should present no problem, since there were already people devoted to Baba sufficiently qualified in all these languages to do the translation work.

Once again Baba looked Don Stevens in the eye and gestured, "You do it!" Meaning, take responsibility for it. And once again, startled, Stevens wondered how he could have been so naïve a second time.Don also discussed plans with Baba for the printing of the second edition of God Speaks.

Because Don Stevens was involved with the Sufi Center in San Francisco to which many young people were now coming, Baba sent him copies of the correspondence about LSD and other drugs between himself, Allan Cohen, Robert Dreyfuss and Richard Alpert. 

Baba wished them to be printed together in a pamphlet (God In A Pill?).

Don was not particularly interested in the subject of drugs, and joked, "You know, Baba, I seem to be getting more and more entangled into these young people's lives. So many of them have had drug experiences that have been terribly important to them. I think in order to know more about this subject, I'm going to have to try one LSD trip myself!"

As soon as Stevens said this, Baba bristled and reared back in his seat, with lightning flashing from his eyes. "Don, don't even think of such a thing!" Baba warned. "You do not understand the sort of consequences this can have on an individual's nervous system."