Digambar Gadekar was studying for his M.Sc. (master's degree in science) exam in Poona at this time, and Baba permitted him to visit Guruprasad every day. He instructed Digambar to say his name before beginning each test. After the theory portion of the exam was over, Baba asked, "How did you do?"

Digambar said, "I answered all the questions as best I could."

"You must pass first-class [with highest honors]," Baba emphasized.

"Baba, you know for yourself what the result is going to be, but it is my duty to try as hard as I can."

When Digambar's practical (laboratory) exams were over, Baba asked the same question and Digambar replied in a similar fashion.

Baba warned him, "If you do not pass first-class, our dosti [friendship] will come to an end, and you should not show your face to me!"

Digambar was frightened and said, "Baba, whatever is going to happen will happen according to your divine will."

Before the test result was announced, Baba remarked to him, "You have failed the examination!" However, when the results were announced in June, Digambar had not only passed first-class but had scored first in his subject at the university. The news was conveyed to Baba, who sent the following message to Digambar: "Let us hope you pass at least third-class in obeying me!"