Sunday, 22 December, was the first day of celebrations, a triple occasion in honor of Mehera's birthday, the betrothal of Dara and Amrit, and also the navjot ceremony of four children of the Dadachanji family. Hoshang and Havovi Dadachanji had originally asked Baba through Arnavaz to perform the thread ceremony of their son, Rayomand, age ten, and daughter Meherrukh, age seven, in May 1969 at Guruprasad, but Baba had replied no. 

They then requested it be done on Mehera's birthday and to that Baba replied, "Kabul[Agreed]!"

He had asked, "Are there any more children of the same age? It is better theirs be done also at the same time." So Dara Dadachanji's son, Naozer, age six, and Dolly Dastoor's sister, Roshan Irani's daughter, Mehernaz, age seven, were also included.

Dara and Amrit exchanged rings after Baba had touched them, putting them on each other's fingers in his presence.

Thereafter, the four children attired in their navjot finery came to Baba. Baba blessed them with this simple invocation, "O Ahuramazda, Asho [Lord] Zoroaster, Avatar Meher Baba!"