For Bal Natu, 25, this was his first opportunity to see Baba. He had been looking forward to having Baba's darshan for a year. Although his constitution was weak from tuberculosis, he had come to Nagpur from Kurduwadi just to be in Baba's proximity. Bal's love had brought him and he would be rewarded.

Although Bal had traveled from Manmad in the same train as Baba, Bal's seat was in a different compartment. 

On the platform of the Nagpur railway station, when he saw how beautiful and splendid Baba looked, he totally "lost" himself. He felt as if enchanted. 

Observing him in this state, a thief picked his pocket, stealing his wallet and train ticket. When Baba left and Bal Natu came to his senses, he discovered his loss. He saw the ticket collector gathering tickets and wondered what he should do now.

He was puzzling over the situation when someone patted him on the shoulder. Turning around he saw it was the ticket collector, but to his relief recognized the man as an old friend of his.

So, the first time Bal Natu had Baba's darshan, he lost not only himself but his belongings as well! He left the station after explaining the situation to his friend and stayed at Thakur's bungalow with the others.