March 15th was Arnavaz's birthday. Baba had planned to leave after lunch and Arnavaz was busy serving food to the mandali. Baba went and sat alone in the living room in an armchair. Arnavaz saw him and rushed to ask whether he wanted anything. "No," he replied.

"Baba, you are all alone here," she said.

"It is all right," he motioned to her. 

Arnavaz stood looking at Baba "sitting like a king," she remembered, but he seemed sad. After a short silence, Baba gestured again, "Arnavaz, I will not come back to Bombay again."

Baba had not mentioned this to Nariman and as Baba was leaving, Nariman embraced him and said, "Baba, come back soon."  Baba looked serious and paused. He quickly took a few steps backwards and again embraced Nariman.

 Arnavaz was watching and realized that Baba, by stepping back and again embracing her husband, was fulfilling his wish to have Baba "come back soon."

A few days before he left, Baba emphasized to the devoted couple, "Nothing is yours. Everything is mine. You yourselves are not yours, but mine."