One morning in mid-February 1955, after Aloba had escorted Baba to Jal Villa, he spotted Harish Chander Kochar on the roadside. He had come from Dehra Dun. Aloba was surprised at his appearance and asked Kochar why he had come.

"I want to see Baba," Kochar said.

"But Baba is in seclusion seeing no one," Aloba replied.

"His love has drawn me. I just want a glimpse of him, nothing more. Where is he staying?" Kochar asked. "I cannot tell you, it would be breaking his order. You should go back."

Kochar persisted, "I won't disturb Baba, I only want to see him from a distance."

Aloba's heart gave in and he said, "You promise, only from a distance? Then stand where you are; in the morning, he comes by this way. This is the route he takes every day, so stand under this tree and you will see him."

Aloba did not tell any of the mandali or Baba what had transpired. The next morning, Aloba was again chosen to accompany Baba from Rosewood to Grafton. As they were walking along the main road, Baba saw Kochar. He stopped, turned to Aloba and asked, "Why has he come here? Who told him I pass this way?"

Aloba confessed but rose to Kochar's defense, saying, "Baba, he has come all this way out of love for you."

"Has he come because of love?" Baba asked, extremely displeased. "All right, I will show you what sort of love he has!"

Baba took Kochar to Jal Villa, where he asked him, "Why have you come here?"

"Your love drew me to you, Baba."

"Now that you have seen me, you may go. I am in seclusion and do not allow people to bow down to me."

Kochar then said, "Baba, I am much troubled with litigation. There are six court cases against me. They haunt me day and night; I cannot sleep. Please do something!"

Baba turned to Aloba and gestured, "See his love!"

To Kochar he gestured, "Don't worry about it. It will pass. Return and face the situation. My nazar is always there."

"Baba, my wife is also in the hospital with tuberculosis ..." Kochar explained.

"See his love!" Baba gestured to Aloba.

"... And my daughter is now of marriageable age, and a good husband must be found. Please give your blessings."

Baba sternly replied, "I warn you, if you are after material things, you will forget me!"